Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village invites guests to their award-winning spa to experience an exclusive treatment designed to enhance bedtime rituals which promote a tranquil and restful sleep.  This unique treatment will guide guests through techniques that will inspire them to discover a more rejuvenating and serene sleep pattern. 

This 80-minute refreshing and peaceful bath soak and massage treatment will  introduce you to a remarkably effective home sleep ritual that will remove stress-driven, sleep-robbing barriers so you can unlock your deepest, most natural sleep. Our aromatherapy bath soak uses essential oils to provide guests with the most relaxing and calming scents to inspire deep relaxation and promote superior health and well-being. The expertise of our therapists will target seven sleep barrier sequences, proven to provide optimal relaxation and deep slumber throughout the night. Feeling enlightened, guests can continue their journey to a more restful and productive sleep at home with our unique anoint sleep serum, dream cream and mist, step-by step rituals, and Ritual Sleep music – all included in the take-home DreamKit. This exclusive treatment will provide you with a renewed sense of self and help lead you through a balanced and healthful new year.

For more information or to make a reservation, please call (818) 575-3000 or visit our website.

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